On this episode of the MarketScale ProAV podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by Diversified Director of Electronic Security Solutions Bill Aheimer.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things across the globe’s industries and organizations have been thrust into uncertainty. However, there’s one thing businesses can always control – security.

There are several key components of any business’s security strategy, Aheimer said.

“Most security professionals and executives that have oversight over security are well aware of the fact that effective security is accomplished in layers,” he said. “The typical layers that organizations look at are entries and exits, high-value, high-asset areas where we have IT resources, such as network closets, or HR areas and the finance area.”

To accomplish a strategy that effectively works outward to inward and protects each of these layers, Aheimer said, it’s important to not fall into the trap of focusing only on the perimeter.

After all, he said, 85% of breaches – whether they be physical or cyber-related – are internal.

The duo also examined the potential for more remote offices and workforces moving forward after the world returns to “normal,” how that could impact security plans and offer a prime opportunity to rethink their strategy, the role of thorough processes in security, and more.

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