Drone Ethics and Professionalism within the Drone Industry


One industry trend that seems to be popping up more and more these days is ethics and professionalism within the drone industry.

There seem to be a bunch of people who may have gone to Best Buy and bought a drone, and, now, they’ve sort of shown up trying to do pretty much any job that they possibly can. That’s causing a bunch of problems in the industry. One of the ways to solve that is, even for those folks who want to break in and become sort of those enterprise drone professionals, is to look the part with Juniper Unmanned.

When we go out into the field, we have our PPE, we wear our hard hats, we have long pants, steel-toed shoes, a safety vest – we have cones and landing mats and flashing lights and signage that says they’re supposed to be there. We have all of our documentation, all of our certifications, all of our waivers, all of our flight and risk assessments.

Everything’s done before we get into the field. So we rarely get approached by looky-loos, because we look professional, and we belong there. We’re on the job site, we’re doing our job. We look the part. If you want to be taken seriously, I would highly recommend looking the part.

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