In this Careers Podcast, we sat down with Eva Spexard, Recruiting & EMEA HR Manager for Microdrones, to explore one of the company’s most exciting open positions: Experimental Engineer, a position that’s as much a design job as it is a technical one. This engineer would be in charge of designing electronic circuits and prototyping those same systems, as well as putting their work to work, testing new aerial systems and sensors that are often first to market for the entire industry.

Microdrones, a company spanning six continents, touts itself as the world’s largest R&D force for commercial drones. Spexard, a native of Germany where the position is based, is known for her ability to work with people from all over the world. She jokes that her ultimate recruit is someone who has “literally more than two hands,” but her ideal candidate has experience with modeling and simulation, modification and troubleshooting of prototypes and experience in UAS technologies.

The most interesting part of the position, and what makes it so exciting, is what can’t even be mentioned on the podcast. With such innovative drone technology, the shroud around it can be opaque to the rest of the market and outside world. But in this conversation, Spexard does clue us in on what it’s really like to be a engineer for Microdrones. It’s not usual day-to-day work; your technological ideas could actually come to life within years as a top notch technology. It’s a dream job for any engineer.

To apply for the position, click here, or head to and click on the Team tab at the top of the page.

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