Field Focus: The Journey to Field Service Excellence


If the journey to field service excellence were an event, it would resemble more of a marathon than a sprint. But as Field Focus host Mike Pandl pointed out, it’s an effort well worth undertaking, and many great benefits can result from this journey. Two expert solutions consultants from MSI Data joined the conversation to assist Pandl with his field service excellence topic Chris Steele and Bill Langosch.

MSI’s role in field service excellence encompasses multiple elements, including change management and digitizing processes, something Steele and Langosch experienced several times over the years.

“There is any number of things that are driving companies to automate,” Steele explained. “Primarily, they’re looking to find a way to execute more efficiently.” From labor shortages to process inefficiencies, companies are looking for ways to operate better under extreme circumstances.

“One of the things I often hear during implementations is that customers have all this tribal knowledge,” Langosch said. “It’s not documented, it’s not on paper, it’s in someone’s head. That doesn’t serve the organization well when I have to go to an individual every time to learn that process, or maybe its customer information that I have to find out from them. I think companies are turning to field service automation tools to help consolidate some of that knowledge, so there isn’t that reliance on those subject matter experts all the time that could create bottlenecks in the organization.”

Companies not only want this information readily available, but they want it available across all their systems, so fully integrated field service tools are needed.

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