Measure twice, cut once.

It’s an old-school axiom, but it’s no less true now than when we learned it making our first cuts in Boy Scouts or in the shop with grandpa.

Mike Blake has been making sure machines are measuring correctly for more than a decade in his current role and has been focused on service and quality for more than two decades. He knows the importance of not only taking care while measuring but taking care of the tools that do the measuring.

“All of our clients are measuring parts. They’re making parts and measuring parts. You have to be sure your equipment is measuring accurately. Otherwise, you’ll be putting out bad parts,” said Blake, the North American Portable Service Manager and Portable Quality Manager at the Hexagon Detroit Solution Center. “The best way to do it is to it is to do it on a regular basis (and) do interim checks between calibrations to ensure your equipment is measuring accurately.”

Blake pointed out that, because of a new regulation, he’s no longer able to recommend a specific interval between calibrations, with clients using their equipment less frequently not needing to send their instrument in every year and others needing to make sure they’re compliant more often.

No matter how frequently an instrument needs servicing or calibration, no one wants to be without a tool for a significant amount of time. That’s why Hexagon does everything it can to reduce wait time.

“We try to make the process from start to finish as streamlined as possible, so we took out anything extra that would delay the time,” Blake said.

After emailing Hexagon, clients are typically getting a response within minutes, not hours or days. If a client has an HMA, the process is even quicker, with the client simply requesting service, getting an RMA and then sending in the item.

Once the job is done, it’s shipped back on Hexagon’s dime, making sure clients can spend more time measuring and doing the job right and less time tuning up instruments.

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