InfoComm 2023: Collaboration Solutions Reach New Potential with Jabra’s PanaCast 50 Intelligent Room System

June 23, 2023
James Kent


Video conferencing solutions were big at InfoComm 2023. Jabra’s PanaCast 50 intelligent room system was a standout technology at the show, promising workspace versatility and user-friendly compatibility with Zoom’s popular collaboration platform.

The hybrid work model that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains prevalent today is causing a significant shift in how people communicate professionally. With the rise of work-from-home and remote work trends, the demand for more robust, flexible, and innovative video conferencing solutions has skyrocketed. Although the pandemic is officially over, 48% of global knowledge workers expect to maintain some form of remote work, either fully or hybrid. As more organizations look to create seamless, high-quality communication and collaboration experiences for their employees, partnerships between communication technology giants like Jabra and Zoom provide essential bridges to making remote work viable.

Considering this paradigm shift, how does the partnership between Jabra and Zoom look to reinvent collaboration and meet the demands of the changing workplace?

Collaboration Reinvented’s Josh Blalock, Chief Video Evangelist at Jabra, caught up with Jeff Fox, Strategic Alliances Marketing Lead at Zoom during InfoComm 2023. They spoke about Jabra and Zoom’s collaborative efforts, focusing on the PanaCast 50, and discussed its potential to revolutionize video conferencing in various workspaces.

Highlights from Blalock and Fox’s conversation include:

  • The concept of Zoom spaces, where any location – from a desk to a conference room – can be a potential workspace, accommodating different video and audio interaction needs
  • The functionality of the PanaCast 50, a BYOD device and all-in-one video bar designed to provide a seamless video conferencing experience in Zoom rooms
  • The introduction of a new range of Jabra’s Evolve 2 headsets, which are certified for Zoom and offer a wide array of choices in terms of wearability, style, and microphone types

Jeff Fox leads Strategic Alliance Marketing at Zoom. He works closely with strategic partners like Jabra to create innovative solutions for Zoom users. Known for his insightful views on the evolution of communication technologies, Fox brings a wealth of knowledge from his years of experience in the field, making him an instrumental figure in shaping Zoom’s strategic partnerships. His contributions have played a significant role in Zoom’s success as a leading platform in video communications.

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