Key Considerations for In-Circuit Test Fixtures

In-circuit testing, which provides electronic manufacturers a reliable, high-fault coverage verification method for the assembly process, has been around for a long time – but recent innovations have opened exciting new paths forward in ICT solutions.

So, why is ICT so useful? Do turnkey projects exist, and what are some best practices for approaching an ICT project? What’s required to prepare an accurate quote, and what considerations go into that process? What should you look for in an ICT partner?

That’s a lot of questions, but this episode of On Deck with Circuit Check featured two experts qualified to deliver answers. Host Daniel Litwin was joined by Circuit Check’s Neil Adams, Senior Manager, ICT and Account Management and Joe Prihoda, Account Manager, to get the scoop.

“We need to analyze that printed circuit board, determine what circuits are important on there. If there’s any history of failures from the past or known issues, let’s test that,” Adams said. “Let’s test everything else, too, that we can possibly test – LEDs, [connectors], speakers, microphones – all the different components.”

This testing ensures that the board is ready to fulfill its purpose from the moment it leaves manufacturing, and Circuit Check is committed to being a partner customers can trust to do it efficiently and correctly.

ICT also has a direct impact on costs and eventual ROI, as it can reveal potential problems very early in the process.

“The further upstream you can catch an error, the cheaper it is to fix,” Prihoda said.

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