While offering solutions to myriad industries, the drone industry itself is still figuring out how to best position itself in the business world.

At InterDrone 2019, a commercial drone conference and expo, professionals came together to understand the opportunities accessible to pilots, software developers and business leaders alike.

As a continually developing industry, drone professionals are still figuring out how to achieve a maintained level of success. Founder and CEO of DroneUp Tom Walker addressed this sentiment in his keynote address and in an exclusive interview with MarketScale.

“One of the things I feel the industry needs to do to be more sustainable is really acknowledge what we’re doing today that is working” Tom Walker

The conversation around drones has often revolved around regulation and policy as opposed to continuing to build off of what is working.

“We need to stop acting like drone people who are trying to build a business and start acting like business people who are trying to build an industry,” Walker said.

Without the need to eliminate any further red tape, Walker claims that there is a $7 billion market for drone services today.