Need to Improve Your Radio Communications? Here are the Radios Icom Employees Love

June 22, 2023
Jon Paul Beauchamp


In an increasingly interconnected world, the enduring value of radio communications cannot be understated. Radios can be a lifeline during outdoor adventures, on-site business operations, or even in emergency situations. Leading the charge in this field is Icom, a globally recognized manufacturer of wireless communication products. While technology continues to advance, Icom has demonstrated their adaptability, evolving to meet the needs of a diverse customer base while maintaining focus on user convenience, robustness, and elimination of licensing fees. From the compact yet powerful IP110H to the versatile IC-F7520 to the highly durable V10MR, Icom caters to every unique user requirement. Here, three members of the Icom team discuss what they love about some of their favorite Icom products. Here’s Mark Jordan, Senior Sales Manager of Land Mobile, Jon Paul Beauchamp, Senior Manager of Business Development and Kevin Macareg, Marketing Coordinator, to share their experiences.

The Icom Team’s Thoughts:

Mark Jordan: My favorite radio right now is the IP110H.

Jon Paul Beauchamp: My favorite radio is, it’s the Icom IC-F7520.

Kevin Macareg: My favorite Icom radio would probably have to be the V10MR.

Mark Jordan: It’s tiny, but mighty. It doesn’t require licensing. And if you can get it on the network in any place with WiFi, it can give you complete coverage.

Jon Paul Beauchamp: Conveniently for all of us, it is indeed an Icom radio, a mobile P25 radio that I have installed in my vehicle in two parts, a command mic and a rear-mounted control head. A command mic at the front of the radio sits conveniently inside the center console of my vehicle, allowing me to have easy access to all of the controls of the radio. At the rear of the SUV is a second command center, or control head, for the radio. It allows me to change the channel and hear every bit of radio traffic from the rear of the SUV.

Kevin Macareg: You don’t need a license to operate the radio, so no additional fees. And it’s great for businesseses or personal use, and I’ve used mine for hiking, camping, and off-roading. And what’s great about the radio is the durability. We actually tested the radio, a recorded video of us driving it over with a car, dropping in a river, and tossing it down a flight of stairs, and it still works good as new.

Article written by Adrienne St. Clair


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