PanXchange on Hedera

January 24, 2023

Blockchain technology is breaking barriers in many industries, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s currently being utilized in the agricultural industry.

How is one agricultural company, PanXchange, modeling their business to produce carbon removal credits through blockchain technology, and what successes and challenges are they facing?

On this episode of Gossip About Gossip by Hedera, podcast Host and SVP of Communications at Swirlds Labs, Zenobia Godschalk, spoke with Julie Lerner, CEO of PanXchange to answer these questions and more.

Godschalk and Lerner also discussed…

  1. The premise behind PanXchange and why Lerner decided it was the time to build her business
  2. Why blockchain with distributed ledger technology (DLT) needed to be part of this solution
  3. The legal complexities of the PanXchange business that surprised Lerner

Lerner shared the driver behind why PanXchange decided to utilize Hedera. “One of the reasons we love the Hedera network is low cost, low energy, and speed of it. When you’re talking about saving the environment, you have to walk the walk, and you have to go with the vendors that don’t consume vast amounts of energy to run it,” she stated.

Lerner holds a BSBA from Boston University and has served as a freelancer for the JP Morgan Commodity Center Advisory Council, managing director of Golden Seeds, and vice president of Cargill. Lerner is experienced in regional and international agricultural and energy markets and has made the Forbes 50>50 in finance as well as DJB Outstanding CEOs of Colorado.

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