Partner Marketing Builder – Create Professional Co-Branded Flyers Easily

December 2, 2023

Partner Marketing Builder Site

Meredith Scott at Verizon, provides a clear and efficient method for partners to create co-branded flyers using Verizon’s user-friendly templates. This process is crucial for partners who wish to align their marketing materials closely with Verizon’s brand.

Meridith outlines a simple procedure for selecting a promotional template from Verizon’s extensive collection. She guides through the customization process, where partners can easily input their company information, including contact details, social media handles, and logos. The key focus is on the seamless integration of these elements with Verizon’s branding on the flyer. This results in a polished and professional co-branded product that partners can confidently distribute to their customers. Meridith Scott’s explanation offers an invaluable tool for partners aiming to create effective marketing materials with minimal effort, while maintaining brand consistency and appeal.

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