On this episode of ClearTalk, a CTSI podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by CTSI Vice President Ron Pusey and Health Care Account Executive Mark Thompson for a look at the reopening of the world’s businesses – and what that means for security, surveillance and access control.

The most critical thing leaders can do for their operation, Pusey said, is to ensure that they’ve thoroughly reviewed their plans and policies surrounding these initiatives to ensure that employee buy-in and understanding is high and that they aren’t just purchasing technology for technology’s sake.

“Realistically, without a plan, without a process, without workflow and without policy, it’s very difficult to deploy a technology to solve something when you haven’t planned on how you’re going to use it,” he said.

Key items that need to be determined include which entrances will be open to employees and guest, how the flow of traffic will be managed and monitored, which solutions will assist in that process and, if an organization is planning on solutions that alarm when out-of-range conditions are present, how those alarm conditions will be handled.

In other words, it’s not enough to just have the data – it all has to go somewhere, be analyzed, and be acted upon.

All of these efforts are aimed toward avoiding the one cardinal sin of security and access control – providing a false sense of security for occupants that isn’t backed by thorough technology, integrations and policy.

Throughout the episode, Kern, Pusey and Thompson dove into different applications for different industries, which technologies might suit different plans of action, key questions that operations should be asking when it comes to selecting appropriate technology, and how CTSI can help guide operations to the perfect custom solution.

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