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The Evolving Role of the Modern Integrator

Plugging in a connector
Join Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas and Kevin Henneman, President of KMH Integration, as they explore the dynamic changes in the AV industry. The two discuss how integrators are Read more


Design Thinking Workshop
CONTROLTEK Design Thinking Workshop for Burlington Stores
December 4, 2023

The video captures highlights from the CONTROLTEK Design Thinking Workshop specifically tailored for Burlington Stores. It shows interactive sessions, engaging group activities, and innovative brainstorming, emphasizing CONTROLTEK’s commitment to developing customized retail solutions in collaboration with the Burlington Stores team.

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value through innovation
Enhancing Customer Value Through Innovation: The CONTROLTEK and Davis Bancorp Partnership
December 4, 2023

The collaboration between Davis Bancorp and CONTROLTEK is a shining example of how shared values and commitment can significantly enhance customer interests. This partnership is rooted in a strong foundation of similarities, with both entities being family-owned businesses that prioritize their people, property, and client service quality. CONTROLTEK’s approach is notably innovative and forward-looking. […]

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advancing teaching
Advancing Teaching: Reshaping Education in a Post-Pandemic World
December 4, 2023

What approaches must education take in advancing teaching in a post-pandemic world? How can traditional education reshape itself to include a more dynamic, skills-based learning approach? As educational paradigms shift towards nurturing adaptability and critical thinking, leaders in the field are poised to redefine the learning framework to prepare students for a rapidly evolving […]

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The Evolving Role of the Modern Integrator
June 5, 2023

Join Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas and Kevin Henneman, President of KMH Integration, as they explore the dynamic changes in the AV industry. The two discuss how integrators are redefining their role beyond product distribution and finding new ways to create value for their customers. In this episode, Kevin shares his firsthand experiences and […]

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A Discussion with Volta Insite
April 27, 2023

There is so much technology out there that can help improve the efficiencies of your business – but much of it is hard to use, hard to understand, and even harder to integrate. People are afraid to adopt – but they shouldn’t be. For one consumer in the HVAC and mechanical service industry, integrating a […]

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Patient Access Pulse by Pelitas: Engaging iPAS Version 10 for Interoperability
March 12, 2022

As healthcare revolutionizes to meet interoperability needs, so does the technology. iPAS Version 10 (v10) is one data management tool driving the transformation. Kristine Anderson, Vice President of Solutions Management at Pelitas, and Tracy Eckerman, Associate Vice President of Technical Solutions Management, met with host Tyler Kern to explain exactly how. The pandemic accelerated tech […]

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Studio Insights: Shining a Bright Light on Studio Design
February 17, 2022

Lighting isn’t a popular topic, but it means everything for creating quality productions. John Gebbie, New York Business Development Director, Barbizon Electric Company and Peter Provost, President and Director of Design, Provost Studio, spoke with Host Tyler Kern about this. Lighting systems integration is infrastructure. “My role in the equation is to bring all those […]

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E2B: Energy to Business: Changing Hands: Keys to Downstream M&A IT Integration
November 2, 2021

The trend of downstream mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a tumultuous one as assets, especially crude oil refineries, trade hands so often. The impetus behind downstream M&A can be attributed to embracing new workflows to make processes more efficient or upgrades or add-ons to software systems and applications for operations to produce renewable fuels […]

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Planning a Safe Reopening with Visitor Management & Access Control
July 1, 2020

On this episode of ClearTalk, a CTSI podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by CTSI Vice President Ron Pusey and Health Care Account Executive Mark Thompson for a look at the reopening of the world’s businesses – and what that means for security, surveillance and access control. The most critical thing leaders can do […]

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The Most Impactful Business and Industry Benefits of IoT
November 4, 2019

On this episode of the Industrial IoT Podcast, Adam Livesay, co-founder, and CEO at Elevāt.IoT, joined host Geoffrey Short to discuss how businesses and industries are blending this technology into their machines and getting value out of it. Elevāt.IoT specializes in connecting fleets of machines and enabling the flow of data between operators, distributors, […]

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NanoSessions: Disruptive Technology is Being Used to Reduce Interruptions
November 1, 2019

A common refrain heard in the Pro AV space is the admiration for all of the newest technological advances. On this episode of NanoLumens’ NanoSessions, Joel Krieger, Chief Creative Officer for Second Story, sat down with host Sean Heath and they discussed how the newest disruptive technologies are being used in more subtle ways. […]

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End-Users Expect Immersion; How is Audio Making it Happen? with Dave Howden of Community Loudspeakers
October 11, 2019

In the AV industry, consumers are looking for fully-immersive experiences that drive content in a big way. But to really capture the experience-driven demands of the consumer, stunning visuals are only half of the equation — quality sound is having to do a lot of the heavy lifting for full immersion. On this new […]

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