Businesses have a lot of moving parts to keep track of with streaming over IP, the cloud, machine learning, you name it. But all of that comes with training, education, hiring, and network infrastructures that pose a challenge for even the largest IT and AV teams.

On this new episode of the Pro AV Podcast, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Jason Kornweiss, vice president and general manager for emerging technology and solutions, and Paul Catterson, vice president of solutions for emerging technology and solutions, both of New Jersey-based Diversified. The two future-focused thought leaders share ways to make emerging technologies work more efficiently for you.

When clients approach Diversified as a systems integrator, they often feel behind the times because technology moves so fast. But “technology for technology’s sake” isn’t always the answer, Catterson said.

“People will come to us saying, everyone’s in the cloud; I need to be in the cloud. I need to virtualize; Everybody’s virtualizing,” he said. “And that may be true to a degree, the true application of that solution is going to be more dependent on what that business is trying to accomplish, not necessarily where it wants to be from a technology standpoint.”

Making technology work for your business goals often means outsourcing to managed services that have historically been done in house.

“Clients are more willing than ever to outsource operations [as opposed] to having an on-site staff, which is now quite frankly too expensive to keep that staff trained and fresh with all the latest greatest technologies,” Kornweiss said.

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