A Discussion with Volta Insite

April 27, 2023

There is so much technology out there that can help improve the efficiencies of your business – but much of it is hard to use, hard to understand, and even harder to integrate. People are afraid to adopt – but they shouldn’t be. For one consumer in the HVAC and mechanical service industry, integrating a system that could continuously monitor, observe, and alert if there were any anomalies before catastrophe could occur was a no brainer. What system did they use?

In this episode of Conversations from the Edge with Service Logic, host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks on everything you need to know about Volta Insite, with guests Denis Kouroussis, CEO of Volta Energy, and Greg Crumpton, VP of Service Logic.

The two discuss:

  • What Volta Insite entails
  • What the integration process for Volta Insite looks like
  • How Volta Insite can save time and money for Service Logic

“It’s well-researched and developed methodologies that we’ve come to put together and effectively be able to also see the results of what we gather because we help our customers…We have an engineering back-end team that looks at the data, interprets the data, works with the facility or the operator to understand what the data means…,” said Kouroussis.

Crumpton reflected on the value of the tool, “So if we can have a tool that proactively tells us ‘Hey, you know, you’ve got some issues going on’, we can shut that system down for an inspection way before we have a failure. So, that to me, was really appealing of how this can be beneficial.”

Denis Kouroussis has been the Founder and CEO of Volta Energy for over 14 years and is also the Founder and CSO of Atom Power. Prior to this, Kouroussis worked in various roles throughout the technology and mechanical industries, including as a Field Applications Engineer for Apache Design Solutions and as the Senior Methodology Engineer for AMD. He holds his BASc in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Greg Crumpton is VP of the largest privately held HVAC-Mechanical Services company in the United States. He carries over 40 years of experience as a full-service mechanical and mission-critical environments contractor. Alongside his work with Service Logic, Crumpton also serves as an adviser for several start-ups, including Global Venture Consulting and Atom Power, amongst others.

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