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Respiratory Virus in a Building

How to Mitigate a Respiratory Virus in Your Building

Various strategies and techniques can be employed to combat the spread of respiratory viruses in buildings. These strategies aim to reduce the concentration of respiratory viruses in the air and on surfaces, making it less likely for people to contract the virus. Some of the most effective strategies include increasing ventilation and filtration, implementing social […]

Conversations from the Edge: Exploring Efficient Ways to Administer Employee Safety, Quality, and Compliance Training

  Safety, quality, and compliance training are essential, but are time-consuming and create administrative burdens for businesses. Greg Crumpton, Vice President of Critical Environments and Facilities at Service Logic, and Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving, chatted with host Tyler Kern about how Ving is changing this. Ving offers a safety, quality, and compliance training and […]

Conversations from the Edge: Women in HVAC Series

The HVAC industry has long been male-dominated, but women are joining the field in larger numbers and making an impact. One of those is Brittney Johnson, Maintenance Sales Representative, Commercial Mechanical at Commercial Mechanical Utah. She spoke with Conversations from the Edge host Hilary Kennedy about her career. Johnson explained that after high school, she wasn’t […]

Conversations from the EDGE: Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Brought Indoor Air Quality to the Forefront

  Perhaps at no time in history have we thought as much about the air we breathe indoors. With research suggesting that COVID-19 spreads more readily in indoor environments, measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there also are steps that can be taken by business owners or building […]

Conversations from the EDGE: The Value of Peer Groups

  Jonathan Sterling, president of Maxair Mechanical spoke on this episode of Conversations from the EDGE about peer groups, and how they offer many benefits for an organization. Before Maxair joined the Service Logic group of companies, they participated in non-competitive peer groups with similar type businesses across the country. “Through this process, we gained […]

Conversations from the EDGE: How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

  On this episode of Conversations from the EDGE with Service Logic, host James Kent spoke with Chris Douglas, President of Encon Heating & A/C, about Douglas’ 37 years with Encon, tracing a career path that began as a service technician. It was during this first role with the Encon, Douglas learned the importance of […]

Conversations from The EDGE: Treating the IT Ecosystem as an Actual Ecosystem

  The process of integrating new systems into existing ecosystems is detailed, by its very nature. On today’s installment of Service Logic’s Conversations from The EDGE, host Sean Heath spoke with Greg Crumpton and StrategITcom’s Carrie Goetz  to discuss the nature of an IT ecosystem and the challenges that present themselves during these implementations. “I […]

Conversations from The EDGE: Misunderstanding the Term “Service Industry”

  In the business world, there are a few phrases that are mainly used out of habit, without really considering the root meaning of the words being put together. On this episode of Conversations from The EDGE by Service Logic, Elizabeth Barber, Service Manager for Service Logic, had a thoughtful conversation with host Sean Heath […]

Conversations from the Edge: COO Tony Ponzo’s Journey to Service Logic

  On this month’s episode of Conversations From The EDGE podcast, with Service Logic, host Scott Sidway sat down with Service Logic’s Tony Ponzo to discuss the twists and turns of his successful career path, including an unexpected injury that changed his trajectory. Ponzo is Chief Operating Officer of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Service Logic, the […]

Conversations from The EDGE: How to Encourage Gen Z to Embrace Skilled Trades

  What’s the single most valuable skillset for a skilled tradesman? Surprise, it’s not 100 percent talent. Soft skills can be the secret ingredient for success in blue-collar trades, according to Josh Zolin, author of the book Blue Is the New White: The Best Path to Success No One Told You About and CEO of […]

Erik Crawford says

Conversations from The EDGE: From HVAC to Internet, Great Service Is All About Attitude

  Great customer service is about delivering in a timely manner with the least amount of roadblocks possible. But is service also a soft skill? “You bet,” said Greg Crumpton, vice president of critical facilities at Service Logic. On this episode of Conversations from The EDGE with Service Logic, host Sean Heath discussed the role […]

Tim Riedel says

Conversations from The EDGE: Why Acquisitions Can Help HVAC Companies Thrive & Survive

  Running a small HVAC business is difficult, relying on a single owner to maintain all aspects of the business. In this new episode of Conversations from The EDGE with Service Logic, host Sean Heath sat down with Tim Riedel, president of Service Logic, to discuss how the nationwide HVAC company approaches acquisitions and help […]

Greg Crumpton said

Conversations from The EDGE: How Do We Attract Young Workers to Skilled Trade Industries?

  The US student loan debt hovers at $902 billion. Meanwhile, Millennials and Gen Z’ers are unable to find jobs with their four-year degrees. Their debt continues to mount as they work any job to cover the bills. But this common tail doesn’t have to be the norm. Skills tradesmen and craftsmen jobs are out […]

Bobby Marcus says

Conversation from The EDGE: The Key to High-Tech HVAC Systems? Keep It Simple

  A sweltering summer means it’s a busy time for Bobby Marcus, vice president of controls division for Engineered Cooling Services, a division of Service Logic. On this episode of Conversations from The EDGE with Service Logic, Marcus shared his perspective on the challenges of integrating modern HVAC systems and controls. The Internet of Things […]

How To Approach Indoor Maintenance with Roger Nayle of Service Logic

  There are a lot of moving parts in any building, but the most noticeable is usually the interior environment. Maintaining a comfortable atmosphere makes a tremendous difference in the day-to-day for any company, but the actual maintenance can be a challenge for on-site personnel. On today’s podcast, MarketScale host Sean Heath sat down with […]

Solving the Shortage of Skilled Trade Workers with Greg Crumpton of Service Logic

  Greg Crumpton was born in 1964, the last year classified as the “Baby Boomer” generation. Not only was he born into this generation, but his vertical is defined by it; working in the skilled trade industry, Crumpton is seeing a massive wave of retirement from the Baby Boomers. In the next 13 years, 47 […]