The Solution for Effective HVAC Management and Maintenance of Commercial Buildings is the Right Service Provider

August 4, 2021
James Kent


Escalating energy costs and growing environmental awareness brings the conversation around the effective management and maintenance of commercial buildings to a critical head. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, the lifeblood of any commercial building, consume roughly 29% of total U.S. end-use energy. A poorly functioning HVAC system can create an unpalatable environment, often becoming the leading cause for businesses to vacate premises. The stakes are high, and building owners constantly seek reliable HVAC mechanical service providers to address these energy concerns.

So, the pressing question is, “Who do building owners trust with their essential mechanical services, and how does a service provider build and maintain that trust?”

NAC Mechanical Services’ Alan Knowlton, VP of Mechanical Services, Chris Kaufman, President, Tim Cornell, Service Manager, and Ivette Dupuis, VP of HR & Administration at NAC, share the ethos and operations of their organization dedicated to effective HVAC management and maintenance in this insightful overview.

In this episode, these NAC leaders touch upon the following points:

  • The evolution of NAC since its inception in the early eighties, from being an air conditioning service company to a full-service mechanical contractor, capable of handling everything from boilers, chillers, and pumps to controls in commercial HVAC systems
  • The challenge for customers in choosing the right service provider in a market flooded with mechanical contractors and how NAC builds and maintains trust with their clients.
  • The importance of quality customer service and how NAC aims to exceed mere equipment repair, focusing on building lasting relationships and partnerships with their customers.

About Alan, Chris, Tim, and Ivette

Alan Knowlton, VP of Mechanical Services at NAC, has been with the company since its early days. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience in managing the mechanical services portfolio of the company.

Chris Kaufman, President of NAC, is at the helm of the company’s operations. His strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in expanding NAC’s service offerings and establishing it as a trusted full-service mechanical contractor.

Tim Cornell, Service Manager at NAC, is critical in coordinating the company’s service operations. He is committed to providing clients with the best energy solutions and financing options.

Ivette Dupuis, HR & Administration at NAC, ensures the smooth functioning of the organization. Her focus on maintaining a customer-centric approach has been a significant factor in the company’s success and high customer retention rate.

Together, they provide leadership and team unity at NAC Mechanical Services, bringing their collective expertise to the table to provide the highest quality services and build a lifetime partnership with their clients.

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