The 2020 Service Logic Controls Summit Brings Leaders Together to Share Best Practices

February 13, 2020
James Kent


Why did Service Logic bring together leaders from all their companies?

Knowledge sharing and collaborative learning have never been more crucial. As industries continue to evolve, the concept of “learning organizations”—businesses prioritizing learning and adaptability as critical success factors—is leading the charge. This discussion is timely. According to a 2021 McKinsey Global Survey, companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years.

What’s the secret behind fostering a thriving learning organization, and how can leaders leverage the collective wisdom within their own companies? That’s the core question addressed during the 2020 Service Logic Controls Summit.

This overview of the 2020 Service Logic Controls Summit provides a comprehensive look at the power of shared knowledge and collaboration within the Service Logic companies. Narrated by several industry leaders, they explore the value of a platform to share ideas, successes, and challenges openly shared among peers and how this collective learning ultimately benefits the customer.

Key takeaways include:

  • The power of collective learning: The meeting served as a platform for sharing ideas, challenging and learning from each other’s experiences
  • The importance of shared knowledge in innovation: The discussions stimulated creativity and led to the generation of new, refreshing ideas that reignited motivation among the participants
  • Collaboration for customer success: Learning from each other’s successes and failures ensured a high level of customer satisfaction by providing valuable insights into what services are successful in the marketplace

The seasoned industry leaders lending their unique perspectives and experiences in this summit overview are:

Chris Turner is the President at CMS Controls, and Steve McCloskey serves as the VP of Sales at Delta Building Technologies. Eric Diaz, the Controls Operations Manager at Maxair Mechanical, and Bobby Marcus, the VP of the Controls Division at Engineered Cooling, also provide their insights. Rocco Derrigo, the GM of American Energy Management at Connecticut Temperature Controls, Darin Hurne, the President of Connecticut Temperature Controls, and Billy Morgan, Vice President of Service Operations at Commercial Express HVAC, round out the team of experts sharing their wisdom in this conversation.

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