Building the Next Generation Through Sharing Knowledge

June 6, 2022
Greg Crumpton

As technology continues to find ways to keep growing, sharing knowledge and building trustful relationships plays an important role in the next generation. Hosts Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern sat down with Ron Vokoun, the Director of Critical Facilities at OAC Services, to discuss the industry and the factors around its growth.

When Vokoun entered into the industry, he started with construction management for data centers. “I’m blessed to be in an industry that has completely evolved, it’s like watching the discovery channel every day, it’s been amazing,” Vokoun said.

The journey through relationships too evolves over the span of the industry, with data centers, and the introduction of liquid metal, a perspective that Vokoun knows too well. “As the relational aspects morph, so does the business. When I look back, they’ve changed my career from the very start. If you look at the tech industry there are different family trees that grow out of starts,” he said. “It’s amazing how it impacts your career and it’s great to see them grow up in the industry and to know you’ve had a small part in it.”

No matter how large a company is, it comes down to the people at the leadership level that you can trust. “That’s the karma of the industry. If you are genuinely a good person and you help people, it will come back to you,” Vokoun said.

Sharing knowledge and building up the next generations starts with those relationships. “ If that knowledge is not passed down, and since there are a lot of us that don’t have a long shelf life, if we don’t pass the information down, to carry on, it’s a missed opportunity and a risk to the industry, “ he said. “I wonder how an industry like construction has not improved their production in 50 years.”

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