The IPX Series and Its Applications in Education

The AtlasIED IPX Series is the evolution of the IP endpoint category, adding to the foundational features that have served the market for decades by bringing elevated display capabilities and modern styling – and the solutions have a critical role to play in the educational space.

To outline that role, AtlasIED Business Development Manager – Education Manny Kitagawa answered some frequently asked questions and lent his front-line insight to the topic.

One benefit of the IPX Series is its use of standard Ethernet protocols, which makes operation and maintenance simpler for IT professionals.

The Series also has the ability to use API shared by software partners, which allows for visual notifications, color codes and more. Color codes, in particular, can prove critical in a learning environment, allowing the campus to display “normal” alerts, emergencies and more for those with hearing challenges.

In addition to day-to-day communication requirements, such as bell schedules, the IPX Series of IP endpoints offers elevated functionality in its collaboration with third-party systems like access control, classroom multimedia systems, and more.

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