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How Institutions are Embracing the Adult Learning Population

adult learning
The world of higher education has always been a disruptor of sorts. And when it comes to adult learning in higher education, it’s a situation that calls for even more disruption, as the Read more


housing market
Can You Find Your Home Sweet Home in This Unpredictable Housing Market?
June 1, 2023

In the fluctuating landscape of the current unpredictable housing market, potential homebuyers are navigating high mortgage rates, volatile economic conditions, housing changes and a tightening inventory. Home prices have shown a slight decline with the median existing-home sales price dropping 0.9% to $375,700 in March compared to a year ago. It’s the second month […]

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Affordable Care Act
Legal Battles and Uncertainty Surrounding Affordable Care Act’s Preventative Services Coverage
June 1, 2023

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has faced numerous legal challenges since its inception, leaving its future uncertain.  Texas’s courts recently overturned insurance provider coverage requirements for certain preventative health services, altering the landscape of coverage. However, a higher court has now blocked that overturning order, reinstating insurers’ obligation to cover those services. While not all […]

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IKEA digital transformation
Reimagining Retail with IKEA Digital Transformation & New Store Formats
June 1, 2023

In the swiftly evolving retail industry, the conversation around digital transformation and retail technologies is more urgent than ever. Amid this tech-driven revolution, IKEA is pioneering a remarkable journey. The stakes are high, as IKEA aims to shift from being primarily a physical retailer to incorporating a substantial omni-channel presence. As of 2016 only […]

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How Institutions are Embracing the Adult Learning Population
May 2, 2023

The world of higher education has always been a disruptor of sorts. And when it comes to adult learning in higher education, it’s a situation that calls for even more disruption, as the requirements are different. But apparently, they are also the key to boosting enrollment. Many institutions have considered older populations returning to school, […]

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The Inaugural 806 Technologies Learning Summit
April 27, 2023

It’s all hands on the education deck these days. The pandemic may be over, but the needs of students have never been more necessary than they are today. That’s why e- learning is vital in bridging gaps from student mental health to education equity and utilizing AV technology to enhance the teaching experience. This […]

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Higher Ed Best Practices for 2023
April 13, 2023

To better understand what higher ed’s best practices will look like in 2023, tracking the prominent trends in the space is essential. The leading trend in higher education is technology. Technology advancements will lead to best practices throughout the year, from mobile access to courses and course content to augmenting education through personalization. JW […]

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Voices of eLearning: Introducing Season 3
March 30, 2023

Voices of eLearning is back with a new season of educational insights in the digital age. This third season promises new topics, new guests, and a revisiting of a few areas still making headlines in education today. Teacher shortages haven’t ceased, and education is continually adjusting to life after the pandemic. “We have to […]

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A Generation of Education Innovation Seen Through the Eyes of an Online Education Visionary
March 13, 2023

It can feel like online, virtual learning came about during the pandemic. For many, it was their first taste of online education. The truth is, it’s been around for years—decades even. Online education doesn’t look and feel the way it did back in those early internet days when virtual public education options were scarce. […]

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To Improve Student Outcomes, Teach the “Why” Behind Every Subject
February 27, 2023

Learning in the 21st century means taking advantage of cutting-edge AI-enabled technology to positively impact education. Many companies today focus on bringing AI and computer vision technology to improve student outcomes. Even before the pandemic, companies like Carnegie Learning built solutions through digital platforms to bring technology forward in K-12 classrooms to help students […]

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Robotics in Early Learning Can Be Essential in How Students React to STEM Literacy
December 6, 2022

Early learning robotics can be essential in how students react to STEM literacy and with large gaps In STEM achievement persisting across the U.S., access to technological resources can make a significant impact. K-12 education was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the disruption could be mitigated by introducing the latest and innovative technology into […]

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Without a Solid Foundation, Even the Best Educational Programs Will Fail
July 1, 2022

Kellie Lauth sits down with Leena M. Saleh and JW Marshall on this episode of the Voices of E-Learning to discuss MindSpark, Couragion Learning, the changing landscape of education, and what STEM means to her. Saleh and Lauth have a long history together. Lauth was the principal at Saleh’s school when she was a […]

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How Technology and Education are Vital Cycle Breakers of Social Inequality
April 19, 2022

Ron Stefanski and Caesar Mickens Jr talk with Jamey Fitzpatrick and David Richards on this episode of DisruptED. The episode focuses on optimizing technology in education requires professional development for teachers. The educators consider the lack of technology infrastructure to factor into 2020’s learning loss. Richards and Fitzpatrick share insight into how technology and education […]

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