Empowering Bilingual Success: Istation’s Game-Changing Impact on Urban Education

April 15, 2023
Sonia Gossai


In this case study, a large urban school district with a significant number of emerging bilingual students faces the challenge of providing academic support without enough bilingual teachers. They use Istation products to address this issue to make a difference in urban education.

The program helps diagnose and analyze students’ academic levels, allowing teachers to create tailored lessons. Istation’s engaging graphics motivate students to log on and make connections, and it provides comprehensive support for English language learners. The program acts as a diagnostic tool, filling in learning gaps and catering to both struggling and high-performing students.

Teachers appreciate how Istation saves them time by providing a variety of materials and resources. Students enjoy the experience, likening it to playing games and feeling a sense of accomplishment and improvement. Overall, Istation plays a crucial role in ensuring student success and alleviating some of the challenges faced by teachers when it comes to urban education.

In this episode, Dr. Xavier De La Torre, Superintendent of Schools, Yselta School District and Juan Guzman, Principal, Scotsdale Elementary , Ruth West, Second Grade Teacher, Scotsdale Elementary , Michelle Romero, Principal, Mission Valley Elementary, and Arabella, Student shares their thought s on Istation tools.


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