The Inaugural 806 Technologies Learning Summit

April 27, 2023

It’s all hands on the education deck these days. The pandemic may be over, but the needs of students have never been more necessary than they are today. That’s why e- learning is vital in bridging gaps from student mental health to education equity and utilizing AV technology to enhance the teaching experience.

This year, Dallas-based 806 Technologies is going all-in on “Connecting the Dots” between e-learning and education strategy. They’re holding their inaugural 806 Technologies Learning Summit from June 8-10 at the Omni Frisco Hotel in Frisco, TX. This 806 Technologies Learning Summit will address the most significant challenges that education leaders face as they build innovative and adaptable schools of the future. Voices of E-Learning’s JW Marshall is excited about the summit, and to learn more, he sat down with 806 Technologies’ Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin Dougherty.

So, why now? What led 806 Technologies to launch this summit?

“We want to get people face-to-face,” Dougherty said. “Coming out of the pandemic and the time when so many people were so isolated, we know the power and the energy that exists when people get together, face-to-face. So, that’s why we are doing it first. But the other is to build that sense of synergy, to bring people together in various leadership roles in education from across the nation to share best practices, to encourage one another, and to strategize together.”

Marshall and Dougherty cover the following during their conversation…

● The particulars of the summit and who should attend

● Speakers attending the conference and what topics they’ll cover

● The summit’s spotlight on the importance of mental health for students

“One of the things we’ll talk about is how to explicitly include mental health in your improvement plan because it has to be very deliberate,” Dougherty said. “It can’t be something we kind of stick in there as a little footnote. It has to be a very thoughtful, deliberate, intentional incorporation of this in everything that we do.”

About Kevin

Kevin Dougherty is a forty-year veteran in the education space. As an educator serving educators, Dougherty focuses on building innovative schools that better engineer student learning. He is an advisory board member of Hartwell University. Dougherty received his B.A. in Multicultural Education from UMass, Amherst, and his M.Ed. in Education Administration from UMass, Lowell.

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