Mark Tina Explores the Importance of Partners in Verizon’s Success

December 1, 2023

A special episode of  The Verizon Partner Network focuses on an examination of an industry marked by fierce competition and rapid innovation is the subject. But most importantly, how the role of partnerships in a company’s success is increasingly vital. Mark Tina, VP of Indirect Channel Distribution and Channel Chief at Verizon Business, details why partners are essential to Verizon’s growth and market presence.

The episode is centered around Tina’s explanation of how channel partners are fundamental to Verizon’s success in the current competitive telecom landscape. He stresses the importance of collaborating closely with partners to create differentiated solutions for customers. This partnership approach enables Verizon to enhance its distribution, reach various market segments, and both acquire new customers and grow its existing base. Tina explored how the strategy of combining Verizon’s core competencies with partner strengths help deliver results.

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