Verizon Leaders: Unlocking Connectivity with the Verizon Partner Network

December 1, 2023

For a special episode of The Verizon Partner Network, the focus was on the considerable role of partnerships in the Verizon Partner Program, and the leaders shared their perspectives on the initiative. Their conversation brought about a lot of thought-providing context on the evolving telecommunications landscape. In today’s era, collaboration and integration are key to delivering comprehensive solutions and that is something they explored.

The episode featured Mark Tina, VP of Indirect Channel Distribution and Channel Chief, Tyler Applonie, Director of Channel Sales Strategy, and Rashel Graves, Director of Channel Programs and Enablement, all from Verizon Business. They discussed the strategic importance of partnerships in filling distribution and expertise gaps, enhancing Verizon’s service offerings, and providing integrated end-to-end solutions for customers. The episode highlighted why partners are so important in expanding Verizon’s services and driving growth in the telecom industry.

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