As an emerging business tool, education about drones is incredibly important for those in the industry. The more use cases that become known, the more room there is for business.

Hover UAV CEO Jackie Dujmovic consults between drone technology companies and individuals or organizations looking to use them.

“I want to take the complexity out of the drone programs. I want them to focus on what they do best,” Dujmovic said.

Both the public and private sectors have use for drones, but a combination of regulatory red tape and general lack of knowledge has historically hindered increased use. However, a wide range of industries have benefited when they have worked with the devices. In Australia, where Hover UAV is based, even marine biology has seen the benefits.

“We’ve done some projects over time, for example, helping map out beaches and training algorithms for the detection of marine debris or ocean pollution,” she said. “There’s lots in that conservation space.”

Drone technology will continue to improve, but researchers and businesses need to have a full understanding of their benefits for drones to reach their full potential. This is why Dujmovic’s work is so important to the current state of the industry.