Sony has announced an upgrade to its flagship interactive collaboration and active learning solution Vision Exchange. The upgrade will give users the opportunity to integrate Skype for Business to allow for global learning, and give access to a powerful new Personal Note Taker for smarter note taking.

Version 1.1. of Vision Exchange will be available from June 2018, providing workflow improvements and supporting interactive teaching within lecture-style class rooms.
The updates to Vision Exchange aim to eliminate any logistical remote learning issues, allowing seamless integration, and enabling participants to focus on the session with improved collaboration and communication capabilities.

The update applies to the two main unit series PEQ-C100, PEQ-C130 and Pod PC Software PES-C10. Vision Exchange remains compatible with all of Sony’s Interactive Bravia professional displays, enabling customers to create the next generation of AV solutions for education environments.

The updated software will be available at no additional cost for the first year of purchase. This will ensure that existing V1.0 owners can seamlessly take advantage of the new V1.1 software. For future updates, Sony offers the Software Upgrade Program (SUP) that will provide users with an annual subscription to ensure their version always remains up to date with advanced features and a stable operation.

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