Weaving Partnerships For Security in Real Estate is Vital

October 18, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Real estate is an industry where the foundation is as much about bricks and mortar as it is about reliability and partnership. It’s why real estate advisory giants like Newmark have mastered the art of creating professional relationships that stand the test of turbulent market winds. Their partnership with AFA is an example of this. Newmark’s global footprint in real estate is bolstered by marketing, brokerage, and property management, and most importantly, forging partnerships that transcend the traditional vendor-client paradigm. 

Such collaborations, rooted in trust and a shared vision, foster an ecosystem where services such as fire and life safety become a compelling narrative in the commercial real estate saga. It’s a crucial chapter that resonates profoundly with tenants prioritizing security. At the heart of driving innovation with a mix of adaptability and acumen, is Anthony Venezia, a leader in navigating the complexities of property management at Newmark. He talked about the company’s partnership for Pavion.

Written by Alexandra Simon.

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