NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the premier event for everything AI, including training, insights, and access to experts. GTC is an opportunity to experience technology that is redefining the future. Topics include everything from AI basics to the Internet of Things (IoT) to high-performance computing. A world of possibility presents itself at GTC with so many events occurring at the conference, scheduled for March 18-21 in Silicon Valley. This is your preview of what you don’t want to miss at this year’s GTC.

Connect with Experts

Have complex questions? Want to know what the future of AI looks like? Then you’ll have multiple chances to connect with the experts. First, you’ll want to attend the keynote presented by NVIDIA co-founder Jensen Huang, where he’ll share the latest advancements in AI and deep learning. During the show, you can also drop by and visit NVIDIA engineers to ask your most burning questions. You can also meet like minds by participating in the Dinner with Strangers concept, where you can meet other professionals and delve into a variety of AI topics.

AI Training

There are a variety of training sessions available for attendees, including hands-on training via the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). Developers can attend all-day workshops on March 17, where they can earn a certification in AI or Accelerated Computing. There are also instructor-led courses during the week. These are two-hour sessions that drill down on specifics. Learn about the accelerated data science pipeline for Azure, semantic segmentation, image classification with DIGITS, an introduction to CUDA Python, and more.

Self-paced training is also available. As an attendee, you can have access to DLI at a GPU-accelerated workstation in the cloud with software tools. Learn at your own speed and take home more skills.

What’s Trending: 2019 Hot Topics

GTC has a wide variety of hot topics for 2019, covering everything AI and what to expect in the future. These sessions feature some of the greatest minds in technology from organizations including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and exciting new startups. Check out sessions that offer insights on AI app development, deep learning and AI frameworks, cybersecurity, graphics and AI, IoT robotics, AI for business, and more.

The AI for Business sessions could offer you the key takeaways you need to advance your brand and successfully use AI to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency. Top AI innovators will share their firsthand experiences while thought leaders on the topic will offer their views on the future of AI in business and what it could mean to your business’ evolution. There will be a variety of industry leaders leading these sessions as well from retail to healthcare, offering you the opportunity to get specific advice. Featured speakers from these sessions include AI trailblazers at Capital One, Anthem Insurance, Dupont Agriculture, and Walmart.

This exciting event will be epic in scale and focus on the opportunities and future of using AI to make any business smarter, leaner, and more efficient. What are you looking forward to at GTC?

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