A Competitive Mindset Leading to Life-Long Lessons

February 20, 2023
Chase Wasson

Every company, startup, and organization are in need of leadership with a competitive mindset to sustain and move them toward their goals. Yet, over three quarters of businesses believe their leadership is lacking, and 69 percent of employees say they would provide more effort if they received more recognition. So, what actually makes a leader a leader? What differentiates a successful leader from an ordinary one?

On today’s episode of #WinTheDay, host Chase Wasson met with Larry Freedman, Senior Director Business Development, Red Nucleus, to talk about the competitive mindset along with qualities and actions that make a high-caliber leader.

“If I had to put one thing on what ultimately helped me to grow the career, I would say first, of course, is performance,” said Freedman. He added, “The other thing that was most important was relationships. Relationships that I had with people that were on my team that may have reported= to me, relationships that I had with my peers, and also relationships here in the organization. And those were sincere, genuine, authentic relationships.”

Freedman and Wasson discussed…

● The qualities and “it factors” of a leader that bring out greatness and success

● How to better position yourself and work through challenges as a leader

● The strategy it takes to move an idea to an action that impacts patients’ lives

Freedman touched on the importance of mentorship for facing challenges. “I think the other piece really comes down to having a mentor. I think somebody that is senior to you in the organization, where—again—you’ve developed a genuine, meaningful two-way dialogue with that person…I think that it’s a reciprocated exchange of value back and forth.”

Larry Freedman is a leader of highly engaged selling teams and is Senior Director Business Development at Red Nucleus. He has prior experience as an independent consultant at Lead, Influence, and Inspire and was the National Executive Business Director, U.S. Head of Sales, in the Cardiovascular Specialty and Neurology at AstraZeneca. Freedman attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he earned his degree in the College of Behavioral Sciences, Communication.

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