Chillin’ at Texas Motor Speedway with Portable Cooling Solutions

September 16, 2021


Fast cars and hot days and nights; that’s how they do it at Texas Motor Speedway.
Entertainment is the name of the game, but giving guests and fans a comfortable experience is the goal, no matter the event. Steven French, Senior Director of Business Development for Texas Motor Speedway, spoke to host Tyler Kern about the efforts to make a guest’s experience at Texas Motor Speedway memorable and how strategic business partnerships support those efforts.

Partnering with brands and sponsors that align with Texas Motor Speedway’s fans is a large part of French’s responsibilities. And Portacool is more than just an advertising billboard at the race; their products help keep fans cool in designated areas at the speedway.

A lot of science goes into sports marketing and partnerships that French said provide opportunities for brands to make their mark at Texas Motor Speedway.

“Our fan base is extraordinarily loyal,” French said. “The motorsports fan, in general, knows that, if they don’t support their favorite driver, their favorite driver loses corporate backing.”
That loyalty then trickles down to the brand.

And, when brands consider partnerships with Texas Motor Speedway, understanding the number of events at the facility is a KPI that no one should overlook. In an average non-pandemic year, Texas Motor Speedway hosts over 900 different event days. While the pandemic may have curtailed those numbers a bit, the speedway is home to one of the largest vaccination sites in the area.

“When you’re one of the largest sporting venues in the world, which Texas Motor Speedway is, we’re not your average highway billboard,” French said.

The speedway is a 122,000-seat opportunity for businesses to engage with people.

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