Providing Analytics for the Sports Creative Community to Track Their Content

March 13, 2023
Patrick Rishe

LinkedIn is fantastic, no doubt about it, but it only tells a story of how good you are and where you’ve worked on paper. Especially for those who are a part of a creative community, more platforms need to be available for creators to showcase and claim ownership of their work. If you really want to tell people about what you do, you need portfolios, socials, , and creating a reel every year and updating it is difficult depending upon your workload and what you do for a living.

What, then, is the ideal application to keep people informed about you, and your business while tracking your content, keeping all of your analytics (including sports) in one place, and making it simple for you to take credit for your work?

Suite Talk: The Business Behind Sports, host Patrick Rishe, brought on Jared Kleinstein, President and Founder of Gondola and Fresh Tape Media, to talk about: his business, the company’s role in content creation, how they are providing analytics for the sports creative community to track their content, and their change to ensure that creators are receiving credit for their content.

“Fresh Tape is a creative production company based in Denver. We have creatives around the country and the world. We started off as a hybrid agency-production company, where a lot of brands rely on a creative agency for concepting, strategy, and ideation but then end up having to outsource content creation to a production company to execute on content creation. We are somewhere in between,” Jared said.

Rishe and Kleinstein also discussed…

Why people choose Fresh Tape Media over other companies

The inspiration for Gondola

What elements a social media post must have to increase its chances of working

Suggestion of courses Jared thinks should exist that focus on creative media

“Our general focus is creating social content that would stand out, bringing joy to the content and consistency. If we all have access to the same content and stuff, who do people like working with? People enjoy working with us,” Jared said.

He continued by describing how Gondola came to be: “If you can’t tell people the story of how things perform, then they can’t just want to work with you based on the subjective nature of the content or working experience. We have the idea that if you can paste a link from any social channel and see who made the video, then we have accidentally made IMDb for social media— the first system for giving credit to creators. And we thought, what if everybody used it to track their work and portfolio? So that’s how Gondola started. It’s much more than IMDB for socials now; it’s more of a recruiting and hiring tool—it’s like a LinkedIn for creators.”

Jared Kleinstein is the founder and president of Gondola and the founder and CEO of Fresh Tape Media. He got the inspiration to start his company through his experience leading sports partnerships at Vine and Twitter and running his own successful production company, Fresh Tape Media. He has a BSBA in marketing/entrepreneurship from Washington University in St. Louis’s Olin Business School.

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