Secondary Ticket Market Prices Spike with LeBron James on the Verge of History

February 7, 2023
Patrick Rishe

38,387 points. That’s the number of points scored by all-time NBA points leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And all that separates LeBron James from surpassing that number is 36 points. LeBron’s career average is 27.2 points scored per game. That number puts James on pace to overtake Jabbar’s record on February 9 when the Lakers face the Milwaukee Bucks in Los Angeles.

Tuesday evening’s contest vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder is James’ first opportunity to break the record before Thursday’s game against the bucks. With two chances to make history on his home court, tickets are going fast.

Not all games are equal in the secondary ticket market, and neither are the prices. The average secondary ticket market price for Tuesday’s contest is fetching an average of $94 per ticket, while the average price for Thursday’s matchup is going for an average of $585 per ticket at present.

Why the disparity? Well, hedging bets on history is a significant part of the story, but so is the opponent. The Milwaukee Bucks have something The Oklahoma City Thunder don’t have, star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo. Lakers vs. Bucks. James vs. Antetokounmpo. James vs. history. For secondary ticket market buyers, there is one must-purchase seat.

Director of the Sports Business program at Washington University in St. Louis and “Suite Talk: The Business Behind Sports” host, Patrick Rishe, is excited for this historic moment, as he adds up all the variables surrounding the race to buy seats.

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