Breaking Down Super Bowl LVII Business Figures

February 7, 2023
Patrick Rishe

The biggest event of the season is coming up in football, and no it’s not the Pro Bowl. As the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs face each other this coming Sunday, Super Bowl LVII kicks off with high stakes and high reward. But while Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are focusing on the outcome, it’s the game itself that has businesses excited. So, what’s going on behind the scenes of America’s most popular sport?

According to WalletHub, did you know the average cost of attending the Super Bowl, as of last week, was $6400? That eye-watering figure for one ticket might seem like it would only increase as the game draws nearer, but chances are if you wait it out – that figure will drop. And ticket price isn’t the only figure that’s inflated right now – the estimated economic impact of the game is close to a staggering $1 billion.

But if “Suite Talk: The Business Behind Sports” host and Director of the Sports Business program at Washington University in St. Louis, Patrick Rishe, has anything to say about these figures – that economic impact isn’t nearly as high. Rishe outlines the economic impact the Super Bowl LVII will have for the city of Phoenix, bars across the U.S., and how much a 30 second ad spot costs businesses.

Article written by Marissa Martin

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