The Most Impressive eSports Stadiums In The World

The rise of eSports has made the gaming industry one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the world of entertainment. This ascent is being led by some of the most notable NFL owners, and architecture companies are brainstorming what the stadium of the future will look like for eSports.

This new sport has a completely different social dynamic with tournaments lasting an entire day or even longer, so fans cannot be expected to be assigned a seat. Mobility and standing social areas will be a defining feature from a design perspective.

This list takes a look at the current largest and most ambitious eSports stadiums around the world.

eSports Stadium at The Luxor – Las Vegas, Nevada

When hearing about the Luxor in Las Vegas, the first thing to come to mind might be its iconic pyramid. However, the hotel is quickly becoming synonymous with eSports. This year the hotel opened a 30,000-square-foot space with a 50 foot video wall to host a variety of eSports tournaments.

Renowned chef Jose Andres is a self-proclaimed gamer and has crafted a special menu just for the venue that includes poke bowls and flatbread pizza.

Copper Box Arena – London, England

This stadium was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and has since become a multi-sport venue that has seen everything from handball to eSports. The key to this venue’s success in eSports stems from the mobility the fans have from one screen to another. This idea of mobility has been a key feature for the stadiums of the future.

Key Arena – Seattle, Washington

The Key Arena has been quiet since the Seattle SuperSonics left for Oklahoma City, but the city has approved a plan to renovate the stadium and bring in new tenants such as an NHL team. For now, eSports headline nightly shows. Upon completion of upgrades, the stadium will host up to 20 gaming tournaments a year that will be able to hold 18,000 or more fans.



Sang-am World Cup Stadium – Seoul, South Korea

The stadium is most famous for hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup but has seen plenty of activity since then, including major gaming events. For now, this is one of the biggest eSports Stadiums. It can hold 66,000 but is limited to only 45,000 for eSports events due to the use of large screens blocking off valuable seating. Still, that makes this the largest venue on the list by more than double.


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