Addressing the AMT Shortage: FEAM Aero’s Commitment to Training and Growth

June 23, 2023


In the aviation industry, the AMT shortage is a pressing concern. However, FEAM Aero, a renowned Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO), is taking proactive steps to tackle this challenge head-on. With over 36 locations across the United States and 20 locations overseas, FEAM Aero is dedicated to excellence.

To address the AMT shortage, FEAM Aero has formed a strategic partnership with Epic Flight Academy at CVG. As a result, this collaboration has led to the development of a new state-of-the-art classroom and facility, laying the foundation for producing more skilled AMTs in the future. By joining forces, Epic and FEAM Aero aim to eliminate the scarcity of talented technicians.

One key factor in FEAM Aero’s success is the unwavering dedication of its recruitment team. They tirelessly visit schools nationwide, spreading the word about the exceptional opportunities FEAM Aero offers. Additionally, the team emphasizes the organization’s commitment to training and career advancement, nurturing individuals to become proficient in working on large jets—a crucial aspect of the industry.

Furthermore, FEAM Aero has also established partnerships with educational institutions, such as the upcoming school at CVG. This symbiotic relationship allows for a continuous flow of talent. Consequently, FEAM Aero identifies promising individuals who can develop into skilled technicians and refers them to partnering schools, creating a cycle of growth and collaboration.

The benefits FEAM Aero offer are a major draw for prospective employees. In addition to comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage, the organization provides a 401k plan with an impressive 3% match. Moreover, long-term and short-term disability plans, as well as extended life insurance, offer peace of mind to employees. Therefore, this robust package creates an environment where individuals can focus on their development, knowing they are well-supported.

At FEAM Aero, the emphasis on continuous training is a cornerstone of their approach. By investing in the growth of each individual, FEAM Aero fosters an environment of ongoing improvement. Consequently, this not only benefits the employees themselves but also enables FEAM Aero to thrive as an organization. The skills and knowledge gained by individuals in their training can be applied to working on large jets, ensuring a strong foundation for their future success.

As we explore the world of aviation maintenance, we are fortunate to have Alton Brown joining us. In this video, we’ll delve deeper into FEAM Aero’s initiatives, insights, and experiences in addressing the AMT shortage and creating a thriving workforce.

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