Bringing Eco-Friendly Transit to the Masses

For this episode of Careers on the Move, one could say the guest truly lives that definition. Meet Alyssa Haerle. Haerle is the Director of Transportation Development at Circuit, an award-winning micro-transit service.

They employ a fleet of all-electric vehicles to offer complimentary and on-demand rides around busy downtown areas. Host Tyler Kern was excited to hear Haerle’s insights on how Circuit works with innovative municipalities, developments and brands to offer a fare-free service in an eco-friendly way.

The goal for Haerle and Circuit is to enhance cities, not disrupt them.

“We work with cities to plan out our zones to make it designed toward the communities they want to reach and who they want to give more access to,” Haerle said. “We have some developments in disadvantaged communities, for example, and we’re working with community partners, cities and private developers to understand the needs of the people they want to serve.

As part of her role within Circuit, Haerle focuses on government strategy, grants and city procurement processes. She also focuses on Circuit’s impact and how they are doing with their environmental goals.

“I have a background in international development,” Haerle said. “I was always interested in economic development and how we could build economic policies that really support communities wherever they are. I got interested in local within the United States through the non-profits that I ran in Central California.”

Eventually, Haerle got interested in cleantech and how it could enhance city policies.

With the Los Angeles Olympics coming in 2028, Haerle said that moving people around a congested area in an eco-friendly manner is an issue to solve now. With Los Angeles’ proactive zero-emissions transportation goals, Haerle knew it was time to put her interests to use, and that led her to Circuit.

“How people move and how things move was compelling and interesting, especially when you talk about these large-scale events,” Haerle said.

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