The shipping industry has grown by leaps and bounds, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Many of us staying at home have taken full advantage of faster delivery times – and may have even begun to take it for granted.

But what most people tend to overlook are the truck drivers that help deliver much-needed goods to the places they need to go all over the country.

To learn more about the obstacles and challenges this often-overlooked group faces, Daniel Litwin sat down with the CEO of TruckPark Inc., Anthony Petitte. His company works to understand the pain points truck drivers face and create solutions for them, which so far include an app to find safe and reservable parking, a rewards system for drivers and the TruckPark Reserve system for larger fleets.

Petitte didn’t know too much about trucking when he first started, so when he and his business partner wanted to learn more about the pain points of the trucking industry, they went straight to the source – the truck drivers themselves.

However, what they found was concerning. Many of the independent owner-operator drivers that they talked to “felt like they were doing all this work but they were underpaid” in addition to all of the other hazards they face while out on the job.

“The mission of TruckPark has always been centered around empowering the driver and creating safety not only at truck parking facilities, but on the road, as well,” Petitte said.

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