Digital Flight Control System Combines Familiar Autopilot Features with the Latest Innovation


There are certain features pilots have come to expect in a digital flight control system, or autopilot.

Genesys has a 40-year history making autopilot systems and has innovated upon some of those common elements, such as heading, navigation holds, altitude holds and vertical speed holds.

Now, it has used that experience to take an autopilot system into the modern era. For Simpson Bennett, Marketing Communications Manager of Genesys Aerosystems, the company’s S-TEC 3100 Digital Flight Control System is a perfect marriage of traditional reliability with cutting-edge technology.

“Basically, it’s a big aircraft autopilot that fits in a small box, as simply as I can put it,” Bennett said. “Out of that, we have a number of features that are safety-focused that we’ve brought to our 3100. Those are our envelope protection, as well as our straight and level button mode that brings the aircraft back to a neutral state in case the pilot loses visual references, becomes disoriented or something along those lines.

Designed with versatility in mind regarding the number of planes the 3100 would work in, Genesys took the time to get certified in more than 150 aircraft.

“Flexibility’s kind of its core competency, if you will. We can work in a number of different configurations, whether your aircraft was delivered in the 70s or 80s with steam gauges [and] an analog-type panel, all the way up to aircraft that might have a more modern display system that you see prevalent today,” Bennett said. “Really, we can work in just about any different cockpit configuration. That benefits our customers should they have some upgrade paths in the future.”

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