Empowering Women in Trucking and Honoring Veterans: Insights from Wreaths Across America’s Courtney George

November 10, 2023


As industries evolve, so do women’s roles within them, and the trucking industry is no exception. In a recent episode of the Semi-Related podcast, presented by Optym, host Jacob Eischen featured Courtney George, Manager of Transportation and Industry Relations with Wreaths Across America. George discussed the transformation of women in trucking alongside the organization’s efforts to honor veterans.

This conversation sheds light on the intertwining of trucking, veterans, and community service. With 18 years in trucking, Courtney brings a unique perspective to Wreaths Across America, an organization with the ethos of “Remember, Honor, and Teach,” which lays wreaths on the graves of veterans during the holiday season. George’s journey from a recruiter in the trucking industry to a pivotal role in Wreaths Across America highlights the importance of veteran involvement and the healing power of community service. With over 40% of her former company’s drivers being veterans, the initiative is personal and impactful. Women in Trucking, an organization that Courtney is actively involved with, supports women in the industry and offers a platform for sharing common challenges and solutions. The podcast delves into the logistical challenges of delivering over three million wreaths to over 4,000 locations, emphasizing transportation’s essential role in the project. It also touches on the deeply personal experiences of veterans and Gold Star families involved with the initiative, reinforcing that honoring service is crucial. The episode is a testament to the power of remembering and a call to action to support the veteran community through participation and education.

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