Epic Flight Academy’s New Mechanic Program Will Help Nurture the Next Generation of Aviation Technicians

April 13, 2023
Cam Murphy

The need for well-trained aviation technicians becomes increasingly crucial as the aviation industry continues to grow and evolve. However, training new technicians comes with several challenges, from a shortage of skilled trainers to a lack of hands-on training opportunities. The shortage of skilled technicians is a significant challenge that needs to be addressed by the industry. 

What methods can be employed in tackling the workforce issue in the aviation industry? Will these methods meet the workforce requirement in the coming years? 

On today’s episode of the Beyond MRO podcast presented by FEAM Aero, host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with Cam Murphy, the President of FEAM Aero, and Josh Rawlins, the COO of Epic Flight Academy, about collaboration between the two organizations to build an aviation training school for new technicians.  

The three discussed: 

  1. The collaboration between FEAM Aero and Epic Flight Academy  
  1. The impact of the school on students, the community, and the aviation industry 
  1. Expectations about the future of the aviation workforce 

“The collaboration marks a new era for training aviation technicians. The proposed school will provide the students with enough equipment and aircraft to facilitate training. The students will have access to FEAM Aero, allowing a natural progression from classroom to industry practice. Without real-life experience, students may find it challenging to translate knowledge into practice properly,” explained Rawlins. 

“More partnerships within the industry might be a great way to tackle the low workforce issue. This school is a great opportunity for students and the aviation industry. No AI is taking the role of an aviation technician, so job security is guaranteed. We hope high school kids can take courses at the school. One advantage of the school is that students get to work with real aircraft,” said Murphy. 

Cam Murphy is the President of FEAM Aero. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Business from Texas Christian University and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), in Aerospace & Defense at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Murphy has worked with FEAM Aero since 2019. 

Josh Rawlins is the COO of Epic Flight Academy. He started in the aviation industry about 20 years ago. Rawlins started as an apprentice when the academy had about 10 employees, became director of maintenance, vice-president, and ultimately COO of the flight academy. 

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