Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Law Enforcement Officer as Your Driver

August 11, 2023
Mike Matranga

Mike Matranga and Mike Monsive discuss the challenges of making armed rideshare services like Black Wolf beneficial and cost-effective. They question whether passengers would be willing to pay higher fees for a law enforcement officer as your driver during a 30 or 45-minute ride.

The conversation delves into hypothetical scenarios where an armed driver might be necessary, such as escorting a casino winner back to their hotel. However, they also highlight the potential liabilities and risks associated with such services. For instance, if an officer escorts a passenger to their room, it could lead to accusations of assault or misconduct.

The discussion also touches on the possibility of a law enforcement officer as your driver for minors in certain situations, ensuring vetted and trained individuals take on the role without acting as law enforcement officers.

The conversation highlights the complexities of offering armed rideshare services and the need to carefully consider the benefits and potential liabilities associated with such arrangements.

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