Getting into Driving Shape Through Supply Chain Fitness

August 10, 2022

Driving for a living can take a physical toll on the body. Dr. Mark Manera, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, saw this toll first-hand through many of his professional driver physical therapy clients. Dr. Manera decided to utilize his rehab and fitness knowledge to make a difference for those in the trucking industry.   

The more Dr. Manera learned about the driving industry and his patients, the more he knew he could make a positive impact. He was shocked by some of the research and statistics on the health of an average driver. “The one that was really shocking to me, and the one that was something that said I need to do something about this was, I saw that as a group, truck drivers have a life expectancy sixteen years less than the average population,” Dr. Manera said. 

The unique lifestyles of the individuals working in driving and supply chain need a specific program designed to meet their needs. “I tell drivers all the time, your health goes with you forever,” Dr. Manera said. “So, when we’re making these changes, we need to set it up from day one in a manner that you can do this for the rest of your life. It’s realistic, and we can see the compound effect of just showing up every day and getting those small wins.” 

Supply Chain Fitness takes a proactive approach to the situation and works to make small changes in driver habits that build into an overall transformation in health and fitness rituals. “If we can find a way to meet drivers where they’re at and give them a way to live a healthier life out on the road, everyone’s going to win, and everyone’s bottom line is going to win,” Dr. Manera said. 

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