Goal Setting in 2021: Positive Mindsets and Controlling the Controllable

As we embark on a new year, it’s a time of reflection and looking ahead. 2020 was certainly a year of disruption and challenges, and 2021 still has many unknowns. With this in mind, how can you approach goal setting?

On The Move took on the topic in our Impressions Podcast, welcoming Ashlee Tirevold, Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Coaching. Tirevold had lots of insights on the power of a positive mindset and how to use it for setting goals.

2020 Was a Disruptor, But Many Lessons Were Learned

There were many lessons to learn in 2020. With a pandemic ravaging the world, employees were sent home to work, disrupting their normal routines and habits. Home became office, and many had to juggle childcare and other responsibilities. Tirevold said, “Mainly working with people who did business face to face, their mindset had to change to realize they can still do business in new ways.”

Adjustments were necessary across the board, and it was not uncommon for many to feel powerless in situations. Tirevold’s mantra is “controlling the controllable.” It simply means that you can only focus on what you can control—your attitude, schedule, and media consumption—to name a few.

While technology allowed work to continue, many struggled with really “turning off.” Tirevold observed this and recommended a dedicated workspace that’s for work only.

Another challenge, which became more significant in 2020, was the quandary of time management. Now it meant something different because old habits were no longer applicable. Instead, a new mindset needed to emerge.

Tirevold said, “It’s critical to shift from being solely reactive and a slave to email and phone calls. Get your mind right for your day by doing something just for you the first 30 minutes of your day.”

Transitioning to a new mindset with these tips is what you need to set goals in 2021.

New Mindset, New Goals

With a more proactive and positive mindset, you can set and stick with goals in 2021. The most important thing is that your goals are specific. They can’t be vague because then there’s no path to achieving them. For salespeople, your goal could be to increase your sales by 10%.

To formulate this kind of goal, you need to understand where you are and what it will take to move. This context could include the number of prospects you’ll need, phone calls you’ll have to make, and meetings you need to book.

Tirevold also talked about what happens after setting goals. “Different things work for different people. Tracking progress with numbers and data is critical, as well as having someone to hold you accountable, like a colleague or coach,” she said.

Ready to Set Your 2021 Goals?

Be sure to listen to the podcast featuring Tirevold, as she shared more tips and recommendations for controlling the controllable and mastering goal setting.

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