Ground Truth: Introducing Teleoperation for Industrial Vehicles

July 29, 2021

Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile. So, too, did Elon Musk. As automobile technology continues to advance, consumers are starting to see the next wave of technology, such as self-driving cars.

But another new technology allows drivers to operate vehicles remotely, even from thousands of miles.

On this episode of Ground Truth, a Phantom Auto podcast, host Tyler Kern talked with Jordan Sanders, Vice President of Business and Marketing for Phantom Auto. The duo talked about what Phantom Auto does, as well as its teleoperation solution for industrial vehicles.

Phantom Auto provides remote operation software for all types of vehicles. Their software allows humans sitting 10, 20, 100 or even 1,000 miles away to drive a vehicle. Think drone pilots, but for automobiles.

Currently, Phantom works with a variety of clients and can remotely operate a variety of vehicles. The current list includes forklifts, yard trucks, robots, taxis and other passenger vehicles.

“Across all those applications, what our software really delivers for customers is transforming and virtualizing their operations,” Sanders said.

Like most solid business ideas, Phantom noticed some trends or pain points in the industry. One of those trends was the advent of autonomous vehicles.

With these vehicles being created, there’s been a trickle-down of the commodities that make up these cars, such as sensors and software. The second pain point has been the current labor shortage, highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and disrupted supply chain resilience.

“Those two major trends are driving the adoption of our technology,” Sanders said.

Listen to hear more about Phantom Auto and their teleoperation driving solution.

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