How Can We Collectively Realize the Autonomous Vehicle Dream?

July 15, 2021

Level 5 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are the milestone that would signal we have achieved the dream of autonomous vehicles. But the road to Level 5 ADAS is long.

We have yet to master Levels 0-4. In that journey we have yet to achieve Level 3, so there is still a long way to go. Hans-Ulrich Mueller, Head of Technology for Amphenol Automotive Products, is a veteran industry leader in autonomous vehicles. He joined host Daniel Litwin to discuss what it will take for the industry to reach Level 3 and beyond.

Mueller explained that some commercial vehicles have a degree of Level 3 integration. In Level 3 scenarios, a driver takes control over the vehicle after a specific period.

“Then it comes to Levels 4 and 5,” Mueller said. “And these are both fully automated Levels. The car can go from point A to point B without any interaction. The difference between Level 4 and 5 is Level 4 is still a classic vehicle or car. And, if you talk about Level 5, same functions inside, but there is no steering wheel, there is no seat for a driver and it is fully autonomous.”

While the thought around Level 5 is personal, passenger-only vehicles, Mueller noted that the industry discussion of this goal focuses on numerous commercial applications, such as new-age delivery trucks, mobile taxis, and more.

“You have services to deliver goods or individuals from A to B,” Mueller said. “Then [Level 5] is also going into agriculture. There you have automated farming. There is a lot of autonomous driving already there. You have limited tasks, limited duties and it’s a limited area.”

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