Resources for the Road by NEXT Trucking: Introducing R4R

April 18, 2022

With global logistics a hot topic now more than ever, Corey Riggins of NEXT Trucking sits down with host Tyler Kern to talk about NEXT Trucking’s new podcast series and how technology can change the trucking industry.

What is NEXT Trucking? NEXT is a technology platform that helps connect drivers with customers while helping carriers leverage the technology to assist in deliveries. Riggins explained the mission of the company, “We want to focus on the things that matter, keeping the wheels turning.”

By bundling loads onto the app, this allows the driver to focus on the delivery by clicking and going. “We want to empower the carriers to maximize their productivity,” said Riggins. On joiningNEXT, Riggins said, “What excited me most was the scrappiness of the company.” NEXT has built from the ground up and seen astute growth.

While the company invests heavily in technology to continue maximizing the benefits, NEXT also invests in their operations by providing, “industry people,” those of which, “know the space,” said Riggins.

By hiring industry professionals, NEXT Trucking is able to, “bring that sense of expertise that I think a lot of other companies overlook or take for granted,” said Riggins. Knowing the industry and knowing the audience allows NEXT not to lose sight of its goals.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it caused pushed the “inefficiencies” in the industry to the forefront. Riggins stated the industry is, “ripe for change,” which is possible by, “listening to our people” and acknowledging the importance of carriers, “Drivers are the salt of the Earth.”

This podcast will continue to be a source of information about the trucking and logistics industry for customers, drivers, and outsiders. Tune in to Resources for the Road podcast and visit to learn more.

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