Revolutionizing Trade Shows: Manifest is Shaping the Future of the Logistics Sector with Innovation and Inclusivity

April 11, 2024
Mike Bush


Gone are the days when trade shows were merely physical marketplaces for businesses to showcase their products and services. Today, they are evolving into dynamic platforms where innovation, technology, and networking converge to shape the future of industries. This shift is nowhere more evident than in the logistics sector, which is at the forefront of embracing technological advancements to address complex supply chain challenges.

As we witness a paradigm shift in how trade shows operate, how are industry leaders reinventing these events to cater to the modern demands of businesses and professionals?

Welcome to “Hammer Down,” where host Mike Bush engages with Dan Reiss, the Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Manifest, to unravel the transformation of trade shows within the logistics sector. This episode provides a deep dive into the metamorphosis of the Future of Logistics Summit into Manifest, highlighting the innovative strategies employed to create engaging and impactful experiences for participants.

The conversation covers:

  • The evolution of Manifest from a niche event to a cornerstone trade show for the logistics and supply chain ecosystem, emphasizing the vital role of venture capital.
  • Unique trade show features such as Puppy Lounges and Mocktail Bars, showcasing Manifest’s commitment to engagement and inclusivity.
  • Personal anecdotes from Dan Reiss about overcoming logistical hurdles and the quest for creative sponsorship opportunities, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of organizing large-scale events.

Dan Reiss brings to the table a wealth of experience in the events industry, with a background that spans military service, hospitality, and a notable transition from the hospitality sector into the world of trade shows. His journey reflects a passion for creating meaningful connections and experiences, a trait that has contributed significantly to Manifest’s success in standing out in the crowded landscape of trade shows.

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