Safety First: An Inside Look at FEAM Aero’s Commitment to Aviation Safety

June 27, 2023
Cam Murphy

Discover the thrilling world of aviation with ample opportunities for learning and growth. Anisha Finch, a Safety Coordinator at FEAM Aero, embodies the spirit of continuous learning and professional development. Her journey with FEAM Aero began when she applied for an A&P technician position in Arizona, which eventually led to her current role.

From her early days working with dedicated colleagues on the Amazon ramp, Anisha’s dedication and passion for safety were evident. Through perseverance and a thirst for knowledge, she transitioned from technician to quality assurance while pursuing her education in aviation safety-related disciplines. Recognizing her exceptional capabilities, the Vice President of Safety offered her the esteemed role of safety coordinator, a position she proudly accepted.

Aviation safety measures are paramount at FEAM Aero, reflected in their meticulous approach. The company diligently reviews and analyzes reports, taking prompt corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. Additionally, FEAM Aero equips its employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), including a specialized safety shoe program in collaboration with RedWing.

Attention to detail is indispensable in the aviation industry. Anisha emphasizes the significance of this focus, enabling issues to be identified and rectified promptly. She takes immense pride in being part of the FEAM Aero team, highlighting the organization’s core values, familial bonds, and unwavering commitment to safety.

For aspiring aviation professionals, FEAM Aero offers a rewarding career choice. The company provides abundant opportunities for skills development and knowledge enhancement, enabling individuals to excel in their roles. Moreover, the allure of working on a diverse range of aircraft, each with its unique intricacies, offers an exciting and immersive hands-on experience.

Anisha Finch’s journey exemplifies the possibilities in aviation and the nurturing environment that FEAM Aero cultivates. Her dedication, coupled with the organization’s core values, showcases the path to success within the company.

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