VFS’s Mike Hirschberg Take on eVTOL Potential to Revolutionize Urban Air Mobility

June 11, 2024
Martin Richardson


Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) technology is revolutionizing the aviation industry, promising a future where air taxis and other advanced aerial vehicles could become a common mode of transport, significantly advancing urban air mobility. The Vertical Flight Society (VFS), a leading organization in vertical flight advocacy and research, has been at the forefront of this movement.

As the world grapples with urban congestion and environmental concerns, eVTOL offers a promising solution by providing efficient, green, and versatile urban air mobility options. What are the key hurdles in making eVTOL a mainstream mode of transportation, and how is the industry working to overcome them?

On this episode of SkyShift, host Martin Richardson welcomes Mike Hirschberg, the Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society to explore the state of eVTOL technology. They discuss the history, current state, and future potential of eVTOL, as well as VFS’s pivotal role in fostering innovation in vertical flight.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Historical Evolution: The transformation from the American Helicopter Society to the Vertical Flight Society and its pioneering work in eVTOL since 2013.
  • Technological and Regulatory Challenges: The complexities of ensuring safety, creating regulations, and developing infrastructure for eVTOL.
  • Global Impact and Future Prospects: The potential of eVTOL to revolutionize urban mobility, especially in high-density regions like India.

Mike Hirschberg, an aerospace engineer, has been the Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society since 2011. With a career spanning defense programs, unmanned systems, and advanced technologies, he has been instrumental in promoting vertical flight innovations. Hirschberg’s expertise and leadership have significantly contributed to the development of eVTOL technology and its integration into the global aviation landscape.

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